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Columbia, Taper

Product: Columbia, Taper
Manufacturer: Columbia Taping Tools


Columbia Automatic Taper

Columbia is proud to offer you the finest Automatic Taper on the market. This precision engineered tool is designed to be the lightest, fastest and smoothest running taper on the market. Built with durable stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum parts, it offers many years of rugged use.


Knurl grip control tube allows for secure grip even when slipery. Handy pull ring on hand grip to let you cut tape with ease while taping high joints. Clutch release shaft and pulley wheel are split to reduce drag while creaser wheel is in use. Larger wheels on cutting system to make cutting much smoother.

  • Removable Taper Cap
  • Knurl Grip Control Sleeve with Finger-Grab Ring
  • Adjustable Tape Spool Bands
  • Adjustable Wheel Tension
  • High-quaility billet aluminum maching
  • High-quaility stainless steel components


Simultaneously applies tape and joint compound to horizontal wall joints, ceiling and butt-joints, and internal angle joints.



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